Preferred Vendor Contacts

Have a plumbing problem, stopped up drain, leaking water heater? Want to replace your old aluminum windows? Garage door spring suddenly break?

The following vendors have performed these and other services in our complex for various residents with positive results. These referrals are provided to save you time and give you a starting point for comparing bids and proposals (the association encourages you to get multiple bids). Please mention that you saw their referral on our website and ask for Broadmoor preferred pricing.

Plumbing Issues Affecting Common Area: 
Any resident who experiences any plumbing issue which the resident believes affects the common area (such as a leak into or from another unit or from a common area pipe or drain line) or may be the association's responsibility must contact Powerstone Property Management for a plumbing contractor. That contractor will investigate the problem and, if an emergency, effect immediate repairs. The association will later determine the financial responsibility for any repairs.

Regular Residential Plumbing Issues: 
Whenever a resident has a normal plumbing issue which is clearly the resident's responsibility, the resident can use any plumbing service of their choice. The following plumbing service company provides good service at a lower cost than most other companies:

Butin’s Plumbing
John and Suzanne Butin
Telephone: (714) 670-1900

Garage Doors:
All County Doors is a sole proprietor in Huntington Beach. Replacement of broken garage door springs is about $200, installation of a replacement garage door about $975 (full door), and a basic tune-up is $75 and includes lubrication of hinges, wheels and springs; adjust and balance spring tension; and checking of safety auto-reverses.

All County Doors
George Fajardo
Telephone: (714) 717-1405